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JB-bound motorists fume over $21 toll card PAY RM50 ($21) just to enter Johor Baru?

Some Singapore motorists think they'll have to do so under a new cashless card system.
Malaysian authorities announced that only the 'Touch n Go' stored-value cards can be used to pay toll charges once the new customs immigration and quarantine facility - the Sultan Iskandar Complex - officially opens on Tuesday.
Motorists currently pay the RM2.90 toll with either Touch n Go cards or cash at the old terminal.
Signs announcing the sale of the cards - for RM50 each - have gone up there.
The amount consists of a RM10 deposit and RM40 of stored value. The cards can be bought and topped up right at the counter as you drive in.
You can also top them up at petrol stations, ATMs and specified retail outlets in Malaysia.
Most motorists we spoke to assumed that even if they were making a single trip to JB, they would have to fork out RM50. Taxi driver Yusof Yacob, 43, who visits Malaysia only once a year, said: 'It's not worth it if you don't visit Malaysia often.'
But that is not true. Operator Touch n Go told The New Paper on Sunday that motorists can also buy RM20 cards at the booth. And they can be topped up with amounts ranging from RM10 to RM500.
Ms Harnita Hakimi, the corporate communications manager at Touch n Go, explained that the RM50 value was promoted because Singaporeans tended to require more value.