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Thread: corporate folder format and layout

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    Default corporate folder format and layout

    Hi, i am seeking some help from anybody who can give me a helping hand on my work for my company project.

    i am not a designer but trying to find ways to help my company to come out with a corporate folder with photoshop

    anybody have a standard folder template or can teach me how can i design the folder with those inner flaps.

    i have difficulties in trying to prepare the layout too.

    any designer there?
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    Default Re: corporate folder format and layout

    To save a ton of headache and time, hire a proper designer to do the job.

    If you are intent on DIY-ing, try getting a huge piece of vanguard and do an actual-size mockup.
    Then, you can translate it onto screen with any program that can layout lines (I use Adobe Illustrator)

    An alternative is to approach a printing company.
    Most of them can do basic layouts, and would already have templates available for you to choose from.


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