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    hey guys ... some english punctuation problems ... may i know when to use '' and "" ... ????? hope i can get some ans to save my embarrassment in the future ...
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    Double quotation marks are used to indicate a dialogue or a quote.

    e.g. He told me to "go fly kite !"
    or it can be used to indicate an ironic or special usage

    e.g. He called himself a "Photographer" simply because he owns the latest and greatest.
    or for titles

    e.g. Does the library have "The tales of two cities" by Charles Dickens ?
    Single quotation marks are used for cases of quotes-within-quotes

    e.g. I asked the librarian and he told me "I will contact you should we get hold of a copy of 'The tales of two cities' by Charles Dickens".
    Hope this helps

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    oh .. thanks for the inputs, guys !


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