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Thread: help/advice needed from web designer/gurus

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    Default help/advice needed from web designer/gurus

    Hi guys/gals,

    helping to upload some photos onto church website.
    few problems i face:

    (a) i am trying to use Lightroom to export the pictures into a simpleviewer format. Viewing the sourcecode, Lightroom automatically creates a xml file referencing all the photos. (an index.html). the look and feel is totally different from the church.

    (b) the church website has a standard banner at the top of the webpage.

    (1) can i keep the church look and feel with the banner and at the same time showing the Lightroom exported webpage on the site?
    (2) can i split the webpage into 2 sections where one is the church banner with its icons on the top? and the below will show the lightroom exported page?


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    i havent used lightroom honestly but i think i see a solution. use frames.

    if you have dreamweaver, select the kind of frame layout you want under the 'create from samples section'.
    then under the html code, for the top part, you put the source html file as the html file holding your church's website's header, and for the bottom frame, put the simpleviewer file name. but you will have to rename the index.html, but shouldnt be a problem.

    if you have any problems understanding me (i know i can be quite incomprehensible sometimes ), drop me a pm and i'll try to help you further.

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    Default Re: help/advice needed from web designer/gurus

    You can use Iframe since you already have an existing webpage. Just insert the line of code into the <body> section at the appropriate line. You shouldn't have to recode the entire page then.

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    Default Re: help/advice needed from web designer/gurus

    You could also change the LR templates.
    Take your mouse and drag the template you want to use down to the "User Templates". Then you can change it get as close as possible to the church layout. Otherwise the website will look a bit strange with two distinctive different designs.


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