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Thread: Simplest form of happiness

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    Hi guys, this is my first post in critique corner and would like to seek some c&c and how can i further improve...

    Camera : Canon 40D
    Lens: Tamron 14-50mm F2.8
    Exposure time: 1/80
    Aperture : F2.8
    ISO : 160

    The shot was taken during a gathering, and there was this cute little boy with their parents walking here and there, so i took the chance and try to capture the smiling moment of the kid.

    I would like feedback on photography techniques and also the b&w post processing, the reason i made it this way is because the boy was wearing a colorful stripes shirt, I hope without the colors, viewer can focus more on the kid's face. Let me know if this works.

    I hope I can show the joy and innocent side of a children.

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    Honestly, without the colors ... the boy's face ain't the main 'focus' when I saw the photo. Lighting on the face is still overpowered by his tee.

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    Hi there; here's a few from me.

    1- Happiness means colours to me, lots of vivid strong colours. BnW may represent death, and gloomy and everything equivalent. I was reminded that there MUST be a reason why a BnW is shot / converted, NOT just suka-suka happy happy doing it. Its not a rule, but it somehow makes sense; at least for me. It doesnt show in your photo.
    2- Would be great if there's direct eye contact with you, with his smile. This eye contact will reach out to us watching your photo as well. And his smile would make us smile as well. Thats how a photo interacts with us.

    Thats my 1st impression of the photo. Lets wait up for the rest.
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    Thank you guys! Will take note. Appreciate the feedback.

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    erm birth of a baby is pure happyness for me i belive lol..


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