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Thread: tcs still as jialat as ever...

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    Anyone wanna volunteer to go there and take proper shots ? I dont have a DSLR so that rules me out. If i did i really would email them.

    /time to slee...zzzzz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reno77
    Some are not bad what. Phua Chu Kang and Under One Roof (Early Seasons) were great. The new ones, Moulmein(?) High looks good.

    Actually, American shows like Alias, Buffy and Friends also look crappy to me.
    i am talking about tcs 8. always the same mouldy old senior citizens like zoe tay la, fann wong la, lee nan xing la. 1980's acting, man. now switch to discovery channel and watch animals. ocassionally switch back to tcs 8 and its still them. kan xian. Moulmein high ? no thanks.

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    Frankly I really think that they were taken by the staff just for the sake of getting something to post on the website. Without commenting on the techniques, if you just scrutinize some of the pics, you will see slight barreling and flashlight falloff in the corners.

    These signs hint that the camera used was probably a P&S digicam with on camera flash. But then, it could also be a DSLR with on camera flash and a not so stellar zoom lens used at wide angle.

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    If it's a shjit [sic] shot, it's a shjit[sic] shot. No sugar coating that. And that would be that. But then again, one needs to understand why the shot was taken that way.

    A few post here did mention the fact that the shot could be taken just for the sake of having something to put on the web. Or i could be a budget constrain. We wouldn't know. And even if it's a horrible shot, so?

    It was mentioned that the top stars have their shots done up in studio while this girl apparently got the short end of the stick with a shot taken that isn't exactly flattering.

    Now, why would a company spend money on a contestant? Or instead, why should a contestant get the same treatment, that is equal to a paid artiste? There is no point in even raising the issue with the fact that this is a poor/bad/lousy shot or not. This shot wasn't meant to be used on the cover of any magazines. It could be one of those test shots for all we know.

    Sehsuan, please learn to pick your grouses and your fights carefully. Like i have said before, don't take it personally but don't disregard all the well intentioned advise.

    Proving that a shot that's obviously off or bad doesn't mean anything and neither does it make you look good. Instead, look at that shot, spot it's mistakes and learn from it. Try not to be so defensive. It really doesn't help you in learning about anything at all.

    Meanwhile, do take some time out to contemplate.
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