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Thread: purchase from oversea webby..reliable?

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    Default purchase from oversea webby..reliable?

    hi peeps...saw this advertisement from ebay

    is it reliable?...or.. is it possible to purchase this type of package in singapore..
    coz e price it shows is pretty cheap tat's y i'm like...questioning..
    therefore..if any1 happened to come across purchase through this webby...
    kindly gif me some info ya..

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    Default Re: purchase from oversea webby..reliable?

    You should question. Looks like somebody is clearing stocks using a newer body and dumping in everything that's sitting on shelf and collecting dust. Most amusing: flash and wide angle 'lens' as well this 'telephoto lens' in connection with a 70-300mm lens. All for US Limited Warranty. That means: Canon SG will no honour the warranty for body and Tamrom SG will charge you for every little work at the lenses. Not to mention these no-name filters and the "flash".
    Some maths: MS Color offers the standard package + some useful add-ns for S$1105. The ebay offer (including US$150 shipping - assumption based on the list of rates, SG is not there) comes to SGD 1355.00 plus 7% GST = S$1450.00 including local warranty. The difference of about S$350 can get you a 55-250. All the rest (filters and stuff) you better get here in SG and only if you know why you need it.

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    Default Re: purchase from oversea webby..reliable?

    Well, I would not trust them.

    Check out this website for resellers ratings in the US.

    I guess most of the good reviews are by their own people. Look at the 2 negative reviews about them. Sounds very much like the tactics employed by the online resellers in the US that I've seen before. Anyway, other than the body, I think the rest of the stuff are all cheap stuff, not worth the money anyway.

    If you wanna buy from the US, I would trust sites like or BHPhoto. But shipping to Singapore won't be cheap.

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    Default Re: purchase from oversea webby..reliable?

    hm...icic...thx both for ur inputs...perhaps i'll jus stick to local deal...jus to play safe..
    thx both..


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