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    Hi guys,

    did some night shots last week... Thot it will be great to post it up for comments.

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    Composition is cluttered. You're shooting at bigger aperture (obvious fr the lighting). Good practice, try different settings and angles, so as to not confuse the viewers on where to look. Shoot more

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    there is a book, titling Hong Kong by night or somthing like that, selling at Knowledge secondhand books, Bras Basah complex. All the images printed, deserve my salute...deep down under..speaking to myself, wish I could shoot like that plus that common question asked by all novice/beginners/advance and the did he do that ? That Bank of China building, bath in strong flood light, yet it's full of details, just fantastic.

    The photographer is a foreigner base in Hong Kong, can't recall his name,but is GOOD.


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