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Thread: need help choosing accessories for my C-5050Z

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    Default need help choosing accessories for my C-5050Z

    Hello everyone.

    I am very new to your forum, just signed up today. I searched but didnt see anything on this topic already so I decided to start my own thread.

    I am new to photography, always enjoyed taking pictures and finally made a nice purchase. I live on an Air Force base and a Tropical Island so my options for Landscape/Sunset, aircraft, and airial pictures are quite abundant. I really want a better zoom capability. I have heard that the only Olypus recomended lens is a 1.7X lens. I found on Ebay

    These come with adapter tubes and I am very close to purchasing one of the sets.

    I also want a wideangle lens.

    Any suggestions? I am very interested in really hooking up my Olympus.

    advice from the informed is very welcom. Thank you all for your time.


    PS: who has the name GrassNinja, I've never seen anyone else with that name.
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