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    Hi, need to check on the following:

    I remember coming across a thread saying the green led will not lit up if the drying unit is not operating when the air in the cabin is in the "dry" range.

    But so far till now, been 1 mth, i notice my green led is continuously lit up and the range I have set range from 41-46. My cam usually come out on fri and over wkend.

    so my dry cabinet is working continuously?

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    I think they applies to DHC series only? My DB-036 also lights up continuously...

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    nt so sure. but at least I'm not alone

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    Mine is like difficult to control the range

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    Things keep improving u see.
    My model does not lit up unless u turn to the extreme dryness then it will lit up as red color.

    Then after a few months of purchase, i walked passed carrefour and took a look at the same model.
    The dehumifier unit is different from mine which has green lit.

    At least urs is better.
    You know ur cabinet is working with a lit indicator.
    Mine don have any indicator at that 45-50% settings...
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    mine was DB060. with the lcd indicator, tts y

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    Quote Originally Posted by akagi07 View Post
    so my dry cabinet is working continuously?
    First, what kind of dry cabinet do you have? many of us are not good at mind reading.
    For those cabinets where you turn the knob at the inside (Digihub DB series) it is normal that the green light is always on. Reason is: the unit has no sensor and feedback about the humidity, the meter at the door is just a meter without any connection to the dry unit. The dry unit is 'always on'. You just regulate the output with the knob. If RH is high then the unit has to work at higher level = bright green LED. If RH is lower (in aircon rooms) you can set the unit to lower power to achieve target RH = dimmer green LED.


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