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Thread: Professoinal Liability Insurance for photography biz

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    Default Professoinal Liability Insurance for photography biz

    Just like to find out if anyone knows of any professional liability insurance for photography biz, esp wedding photography.

    Have contacted many insurance companies, seems like none of them wants to do it

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    Default Re: Professoinal Liability Insurance for photography biz

    What exposures are you concerned about ?
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    I ran into a brick wall trying to get this sorted out as well. I wanted cover in case of an accident in the studio, client trips over a wire and decides to sue. Or worse, backdrop stand falls over on a kid.

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    My company signed up with 'workman compensation' but what the hell...

    I tripped and had a slipped disc a few weeks ago. Semi-Paralaysed for 7 days. At home for 4. Total medical fees was estimated SGD 150 including taxi.

    When i spoke to the insurance agent, she should me the heafty procedures. One of them include being examined by a govt doctor and that non-refundable, 'on-your-own-expense' fee was SGD 300.

    I was dumbfounded. I think only when you are fully crippled or dead, then the workman compensation becomes more appropriate.

    Dont get me wrong, i believe we need to get it covered but like you all, i am also looking for the right information.
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    Default Re: Professoinal Liability Insurance for photography biz

    PPA had one for their member I think it was world wide which mean it may work in Singapore. Without a large enough base should any company want to underwrite for you - well sit down before you read the quote for coverage.

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    Eh...not going to sound too technical but here goes :

    1. Professional Idemnity(PI) - Refers to you giving wrong advise to clients. Mandatory requirement for companies in the consulting and advising lines like Lawyers, Accountants and engineers

    2. Workman compensation - Renamed Work Injury Insurance(WCI) covers medical expenses and liabilty arising from a "work related" injury and/or negligence by the Employer in exercising a duty of care to the employees. Work Injury Insurance covers all medical expenses and you can even sue your employer under common law.

    However, you either have to fall into the category of "workmen" and/or earn less than S$1,600 a month and/or your company purchase workers comp for you under common law if you fall outside the definition of "Workmen"
    Claims process is simple - go MOM website and follow procedures. Dun listen to rubbish from insurance agents.

    Jace - what you should do is #1 Go submit a claim via MOM. Then Write a letter of complain to the insurance company that your agent represents and complain to GIA (General Insurance Association)that this agent is imcompedent and knows nuts about what he/she sold to your company. This is the classical case of people selling products they know nuts about.

    3. What Ellery is trying to say is that PPA has a global PI covers, and even if this policy is issued in say - USA, it can cover professional work done in Singapore.

    However, ellery is also right to say that chances of you getting a PI cover is very slim in Singapore as Insurance company usually needs a minimum premium and sizable turnover (ie Your turnover is large and/or limits of liability required is large - in anycase, if you turnover is only S$20k a year, no insurance company gonna sell you a policy that covers S$5 mil, too much moral hazard there). You also need to be a well established professional with good track record and experience for the insurance company to accepts.

    4. There is also a difference between PI and Public Liability(PL). PI as I have said earlier on is for Professional Negligence while PL is the liability you have to the public(your studio guest, customer, mailman and/or any [B]Third Party[B] that walks through your door. PL is cheap and is commonly available with any insurance company in singapore. Eastwest - you need to buy a PL insurance.

    Hope the above helps.

    P.S. I work in the industry and if possible for if purchasing insurance for companies, please get these either directly from a Insurance Company and/or Insurance Broker and/or reputable and experienced insurance agent(not some xmm pls )


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