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Thread: 240pw9eb and Spyder2Pro

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    Default 240pw9eb and Spyder2Pro

    Couldn't resist the BBB virus and bought the monitor. Borrowed a friend's Spyder2Pro to calibrate and profile the monitor (with sufficient warming-up, low ambient light etc). Things seemed to have gone on well.

    However, I have a feeling that the orange colors are rendered more yellow than orange. The skin tones are kinda greenish (well, just a tad less warm, not green as spinach). I don't have access to a second calibrated monitor of similar specs so I can't really say whether it's me being used to the uncalibrated monitor at work or something else.

    Anyone using this combo? Please advice. Much appreciated.

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    Which pictures are you looking at? Just some web pics or your own pictures that you have processed before? Have the pics been processed on profiled equipment? If not you see the need for profiling
    To be sure you can do a second profiling again. Then switch between both profiles to see whether there is any effect. If yes you should repeat the profiling. If no change then the pictures are just wrong. What about colour test charts? Do they also have any colour casts? Do a few cross-checks with pictures where you know how they are supposed to look.

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    I was using a 6-bit TN monitor profiled with Spyder2Express and the results were quite bad - banding, loss of detail and being TN, the inconsistent gamma at different angles. So I fell back to use a corrected gamma LUT with native white point and no profile...Well...the one at work is even worse in this respect.

    Guess I should do a second profiling and get a color chart too. Thanks.


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