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Thread: Dry Cabinets brands & prices?

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    Default Dry Cabinets brands & prices?

    Good day.. just asking around for any informations that might be "2nd nature" answers to some people here so I hope all can help out.

    I'm thinking for getting a getting a small 50L dry cabinet. I have seen some various brands and a supposed singapore built branded one... some sold in Carrefour and Giant... prices seem to be around $150-$180 (seems they always at the ON SALE section)

    Does anyone know of any issues or problems with any particular brands?.. or whats decent to buy?... where is the current best place to buy and whats the best market price that you know off?.. for that matter is anyone thinking of upgrading n selling off their old small one?...

    Any opinions on getting "used" unit? is it "safe"

    thanks in advance to all!


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    Default Re: Dry Cabinets brands & prices?

    Do a search, use 'dry cabinet' as key words. Plenty of information but the reading is your turn

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    Default Re: Dry Cabinets brands & prices?

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    Default Re: Dry Cabinets brands & prices?

    thx will do a bit more research... but the main thing is there any real difference between the brands?.. of any one will do.. thanks


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