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Thread: Taxi driver's irritating habits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silence Sky View Post
    Again, we have to be fair.

    Their livelihoods depend on how many passengers they can pick up during the rush hours, which only last for two to three hours per shift.
    Think about the rental and the gas they have to pay. At least $120 per day.
    If they fall sick, still have to pay the rental. Does this explain the behaviour?

    The entrances of car parks are famous places for Human to hail and alight from a taxi.
    What do you think of this action?
    clarifications...rental charges $86-105 per day....per shift is at least 8hrs....

    some taxi companies give their drivers 3 rent-free days per month...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreaming View Post
    Sonata cab, agreed with you. I have asked the drivers, they say many ppl complain alrdy. they say it's the engine power. it rev up hard during pickup. with that, i alway feel a pulled back when the taxi pickup from start.
    Yes exactly. Every time they step onto the accelerator, I feel like I am being sucked in and some drivers love to do the jerky thing. It gets into my head sometimes and I do tell them nicely not to do that. Some do listen while most give me the unhappy look. Well, like I said, my father doesn't do that so I don't understand why these few can't.

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    1) driving behinds those who doesn't signal when changing lanes, turning, stopping
    2) sit in one with no/little aircon. Fell very sick once when taking one from airport to bukit batok.
    3) those who ask which route to take. > 50% I feel they try to take advantage of
    passengers who has no clue of the directions . I was once taken from Bukit Batok to
    Tajong Pagar via PIE/AYE and when all the way to Rochor and back TP. It was new years
    time so sure not much traffic so no need to go tihs way.

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