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Thread: Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

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    Default Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for free Chinese font. Can someone recommend me where to find?Tradition or simplified doesnt matter.Also please suggest d input method(hanyu pinying)thx.
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    Default Re: Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

    if i'm not wrong, windows xp and up contains chinese fonts and input methods.

    go to control panel, click regional and language options. then under the languages tab, click details.
    then click add language and pick either traditional chinese or simplified, depending on what you want. after you do that you'll see a small EN on your start bar next to the status applications. click on that and select chinese (PRC) depending on what you picked then type using hanyu pinyin.

    note that chinese (singapore) doesnt have an input method so pick chinese (PRC).


    sorry, my chinese is hella crap.

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    Default Re: Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Crabby View Post
    ... suggest d input method(hanyu pinying)thx.
    straightforward, simple to use - use this >

    unless you need fancy dandy ones, then Hansmaster or the likes liaoz...

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    Default Re: Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

    Try locate and download Bitstream Cyberbit font from Internet. It is a complete set of traditional and simplified Chinese fonts, Japanese, Korean and characters of other language in the world. A complete set of the characters of various languages in the world.

    Additionally, if you may check if your computer has already loaded fonts with word "Unicode" like "Arial MS Unicode" or "Lucinda Sans Unicode", as there are fonts should have Chinese charactes in the font character library.

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    Default Re: Chinese fonts for CS3 needed

    haha, sorry OT abit. but so funny. this thread got crab and squid.

    but xp is preloaded with a few styles of chinese fonts.


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