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Thread: tele-marketeers/cold callers, do u hate them?

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    just say "no thx!" and hang up.

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    Smile Re: tele-marketeers/cold callers, do u hate them?

    I just hang up on them. Or use office telephone numbers when I need to fill up my particulars in any forms. This way I won't incur auto roaming charges when they call me when I'm overseas; they can't get me after office hours too.

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    Default Re: tele-marketeers/cold callers, do u hate them?

    haiyoh! this thread is cursed. haha!

    yest i kena from some indian man, say i won some lameass travel vouchers and ****.

    i almost wanted to:

    (I have decided the next call from them announcing I have won something... I will just) moan loudly and enjoy myself.

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    Default Re: tele-marketeers/cold callers, do u hate them?

    I don't HATE them and frankly speaking, don't hate them (since I used to be a telemarketeer doing surveys).

    I won't say its a cushy job, neither I'd say its a shiatjob but here's my short-lived experience before I resigned as I had found another job.
    Here's what is actually involved.

    I was once a telemarketeer doing survey jobs with a rather large and prominent company (I wun name the company but I'll drop a hint, u see it everyday). Basically my job doesn't exactly involve promoting credit cards but we conduct surveys for the company on the company's products (which almost everyone in Singapore will encounter one time or another) or other companies will request us to take on certain survey jobs that would help improve their products and services to the public at large.

    We're given a list of numbers that are randomly generated by the computer the algorithm which isn't familiar to me, neither had I seen it before. But its a very large printout of small numbers which we're given a stack of survey forms and we have to call each and every number and ask for the caller's opinions (provided they take the survey). Naturally, we'll identify ourselves first before asking permission to conduct the survey.

    Being a speedy dialer (I can clear up to like 20 pages on a single 4hr shift on a good day), usually I'd say 20% of the given numbers are out of commission altogether. Out of which, 50% will usually agree to take the survey after knowing what it is for (not marketing purposes for sure), 30% will reject outright (can tell from their tone straightaway) and the remaining 20% will say, "Call me back later." Out of the 20% folks, half of them will actually agree to take the survey and the other half will decline.

    Its usually a 4hr shift at the company and no, people like us don't actually "earn extra commissions" cos we're speedy workers or yakkers. We get a flat rate of pay, we yak whole day and depending on our shift timing, we don't get lunch/tea breaks. My boss wanted me to stay and yak some more after I'd found another job since I'm the one that usually helps the rest to clear tons of uncleared surveys but I have to reject her cos it is really, really tiring yakking whole day and repeating the same questions over and over again like a broken tape recorder.

    So don't hate them, these guys are just doing their job. If u wanna reject such calls, such numbers are typically labelled 'Private' (if u have acquaintances or clients not on private numbers, u can safely reject). If u wanna say a polite no to them, just ask what is it for and don't have to hear them yak, just say a firm 'No Thank You'. These chaps call up hundreds and thousands of numbers everyday, so if u present an 'optimistic tone' to them, it will raise their hopes in pushing u to take a credit card. If u present a 'dark and negative tone' to them or a 'distracted voice' there's a high chance they will not continue to yak.
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