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Thread: Advice needed..please help

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    Default Advice needed..please help

    Please give your valuable advice on which camera should I chose:

    1. IXUS S400
    2. Casio QV-R40

    I have tested both cameras, both are good, except Canon movie got sound.

    Bad part for casio is it use xd card.

    I tested out the shutter speed, but it seems to me that casio is fatser. I am not sure, maybe I tested not properly.

    Can any bro here give advice as I need to get the camera asap.

    At the same time can advice when can I get the cheapest and best deal?
    I checked out John 316 and MScolor...both shop also not bad...

    Many thanks in advance

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    canon better for cameras
    casio better for watches

    keke !

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    Quote Originally Posted by myloplex
    canon better for cameras
    casio better for watches

    keke !
    Oui! Je pense le Canon est plus bien.

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    Well, bargaincity is selling the Casio at about $660 with 256mb SD. Ixus 400 is around $735.. U can use their price to compare..


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