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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some shops that do will do good prints from both digital files and negatives/slides. Im not looking for exhibition grade prints, but shops that dont screw up your colors and all. Care to share some good and reliable shops? Does Fotohub do a good job?

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    can give this guy a try.

    he used to hand print negatives for me. now he operates a lab.

    a seasoned salon competitor (having reached some of the highest levels, apparent from the titles behind his name) he should be more sensitive about color than most ppl.

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    what kind of paper does he use ?

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    thanks attap seed for your contact. Do you know how much he charges for a normal 4R print so i can roughly see how his pricing compares to other shops.

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    i tink his shop has kodak logo. but nowadays, u can never be sure wat paper they actually use for printing.

    as for price, it is best to call up and check w him directly.

    side track a bit, i feel the real value of his service is that he can gives some constructive feedbacks to your pics. he has served many years in photographic societies, once an active competitor, judges for many photo competitons. of course, he is not the best, but its safe to say, he has forgotten more about photography than many ppl will ever know. when i first started out, he advises saved me from lots of wasted efforts.

    but do note his background is that of salon/pictorial. so opinions may vary, but its good to hear them too.

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    would like to know more places too.

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    I have tried Fotohub for my casual shots (e.g family gathering and all), quality is not bad and I like ordering via the internet, save one trip down to send in the images.

    For events jobs that I do, I go to LK Photo Service, Blk 631 Ang Mo Kio Ave , #01-942, Singapore 560631 (Tel: 65522861) for printing. Look for Bernard, he does color correction for the prints so all have a consistent look. LK Photo Services uses Kodak paper.

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    I was just about to check LK photos out for developing. It's much much nearer to my house than ruby. I didn't know they did good print jobs too. When i drop my films off at LK i will definitely try printing some photos there. thanks guys for all your inputs!

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    I like Fotohub a lot. Very professional. Last time they used Kodak Royal Paper. Now, they use Kodak Professional Paper. Actually, what are the differences and which is better?

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    Any idea, do they print using Canvas Textured Paper?

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    I think they do...If i remembered seeing correctly on their brochure. But i think you are better off with other printers. quality and price would probably be better. Check the commercial forums. think there was someone advertising a while ago.


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