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Thread: aspect ratio question

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    Default aspect ratio question

    what is the preferred format to take photos? i understand 4:3 will result some cropping when printing in 4R format etc while 3:2 will fit nicely without so is there any standards or consideration when deciding which format to choose?

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    the best aspect ratio for you, is depends which final output you usually want it, if you need to print 4R, stick to 2:3, you need to do cropping for each images is not in 2:3 ratio paper size.

    if you choose to have 3:4 format, you need to print a size similar to 4R, you need to print it in DSC4R or jumbo 4R or super 4R as whatever the labs call it, unless you crop it into 2:3 ratio for a 4"x6" print.
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    It depends on your needs. If you prefer to print all your photos, then a 3:2 crop is probably a good idea, since 4R adheres to that format.

    Otherwise, let your creativity decide. Certain photos look better in 16:9, so it's really a matter of composition and choice.


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