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    These r my 1st time humble posting using this fantastic Olympus kit lens (40-150mm F/4-5.6).

    Never Ending Route

    Taken at Sentosa and saw some of them r canoing, and grab this shot.
    From my distant, I can't see they r tired or wat but they are hoping to cross to another end...
    U can comment on anything but can the composition be crop or taken in a btr way? Cuz I think the ratio kind of squarish... which can't really project the long route...
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    Okay, I see the big ships first, then water and the canoe is somewhere lost in the picture.
    Was this taken at 150mm? Its not enough to capture any facial expressions, make it look like pin heads only. Even 300mm may not even show much.
    If you had wanted to show distance, you might need to take it from the canoe's back towards the horizon.
    Even if the crop at 16:9 may not work, since the bigger ships caught my attention first. Might be better to have nothing in the background, maybe sunset setting with low clouds, and some flying birds in the distant and that the camera is almost about sea level, low angle.
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    i like the contrast of the small canoes with the big ships in the background. would suggest a more panoramic aspect ratio, as well as adjustment to the white balance and levels to bring out the subject more clearly against the background.


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    the picture lacks balance, because of the fact that most of your intended "key elements" are at the top. the original picture posted is a mess, mainly because of the fact that the tumultous waves provide a lot of details that prevent the boat "mired" among them from standing out.

    zaren has done a good take on the direction of processing. even then, i think that it is more of "saving the picture" rather than adding to it. i would actually prefer a even more panoramic crop here.

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    Thank you everyone.

    I've taken the shot at 150mm becuz if i were to take at a small length, hardly can see the canoe.
    I might try wat cheguthamrin described, taken at the back towards the horizon which project more for my theme title.
    Thanks Zaren to take time to show me the example, I like the ratio of more of a 16:9. But the only thing i dunno is the ratio to crop away the top (sky) or the bottom (sea) more.

    Sadly to say, i haven't try pana b4. I tried it next time, thanks night86mare
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    First thing you see is not the canoes. The industrial ships are too overpowering in the picture.

    Exposure and white is out. Look at zaren pped photo, if you have the exposure/white right on, the industrial ship would have some color and look much less overwhelming.

    Another way to shoot insignificant(read small) object is to seperate them from the surrounding by focus the frame on them(aka zooming in). But I guess they are pretty far, since 150mm x2 crop factor, you probably are on 300mm.



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