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Thread: Difference between Photoshop & Lightroom

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    Hi, i'm new to the world of photography and i would like to know whether a photographer needs lightroom when he already has photoshop. Batch editing can be done via the droplet function and the adobe bridge can organize the photos well. Is lightroom necessary. Thanks.

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    Lightroom offers a simplifed way to manage your pictures. Especially when you have taken hundred of them. It can be chore trying to compare and find them. Lightroom also offers tools for simple editing of your photos. I have tried Adobe Bridge before but I do not find it intuitive to use as compared to Lightroom. I never look back after using Lightroom!

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    A short answer to your question, it's not necessary.

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    Lightroom as a different purpose as PS. As the name suggests it is the equivalent of the 'wet darkroom workflow' for the digital ear. That clearly excludes pixel-level editing as it is possible with PS. Personally, I like the workflow of LR or Aperture. Have tried PS a few times (and also the Open Source version GIMP) but never got the hang of this style of working. I don't want to miss LR anymore, exactly what I need.

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    thanks for sharing guys... i understand the use of lightoom better..i don't think for the time being i need it...


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