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    Quote Originally Posted by nigel84 View Post
    And to TS, i say add a slight vignette to the sides of the pic, just a slight would do. Might bring the subject out more.
    will do just that ...thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheguthamrin View Post
    Sharing my pic as my 2 cents worth.
    Click for larger image.

    When you mention JOY - first thing comes to mind is facial features - a smile, or the sparkle in the eyes. Other joyful reactions can be the moving hands, its not static. What I see in your pic, may have that element of joy, but with such posture, it lacks punch, but more like wanna approach me with a punch - see his right clenched wrist. What could have done was him screaming, or smiling with the hands in the air - OR instead have the water curtain pouring on his head from the back trickling down his smiley face. what we see now is lots of water splashes / droplets which mess up the picture. My suggestions MIGHT produce a better pose and shot; and with the usage of flash to freeze the moment, you COULD have captured it better.

    i see what u mean...hopefully i can remember that for my nex shoot cum holiday in HK....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigel84 View Post
    WOW! your common sense could even tell the exact range to cover! 173mm. Then again getting back, whats so wrong with playing with curves, levels and saturation before posting? The camera is only responsible in writing the image into the storage media, but TS is the one who is behind the view-finder, composing the pic.
    Is the tuned color the one that the photographer see when he presses the shutter? No? Why make a fake picture?

    Camera is to freeze time, not for you to change the pass.

    Reading EXIF is common knowleadge, not sense.
    Canon EOS 50D
    ISO 1600
    Focal Length 173mm
    Metering Pattern
    Action Program
    WB Auto

    add a slight vignette
    I laughed...
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