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Ok, managed to struggle to get these fotos done up. What do u guys think?

40D, 100mm 2.8 macro:

Compact Camera SX110:

Both the above taken hand held, at 1/50 shutter, as close as possible within AF range. try zooming 100% & 200% and see the difference in sharpness and clarity.

Canon 40D 55-250mm lens:

Compact Camera SX110:

Both the above taken at max zoom, hand held. 40D taken at P settings, f8. zooming in at 100% & 200%, a lot of detail is missing in the 40D as compared to the compact camera. Focal point is at the right side of the square metal structure on the yellow horizontal rig.

What's your opinion? and, wat is this AA filter that is causing the lack of clarity? Manythanks for sharing.
The first set.... Different magnification, so it isn't a fair comparison. For the case of macro, yeah, I'd have to agree that certain PnS may have some advantages because of the smaller sensor and the greater depth of field.

The second set. No, the PnS is not sharper.. The result is FAR from the DSLR, just look at the trees. In the PnS shot, it's just a mishmash of some green colour while in the DSLR, you could actually make out the details. The contrast of the PnS is factory tweaked to give a higher contrast thus it looks sharper but end of the day, a PnS loses out to a DSLR in terms of the details it can reproduce.