Hi all,

My main bottleneck with P&S cameras are its ability (or inability) to capture moving people indoor without flash. It's just not fast enough, and I always have the impression that dSLR will always fared better when I get one.

Last night, I tried using my 860IS indoor at night, the setting I got was ISO200, 1/5s, the result turned out pretty bright, but with movement blur. 1/5s is simply not fast enough to capture moving people in a party. Then, I borrowed a friend's D40, hoping that I would be able to get faster shutter speed.

When I tried, D40 with kit lens gave me ISO1600, 1/5s, with LOTS of noise. I tried keeping ISO at 400 and shutter speed at 1/15s, what I got was a very dark picture, not at all what I would like to capture. I tried experimenting with various ISOs and shutter speed, but none gave me a picture as good as my Ixus 860IS.

Is it wrong to expect that, with MUCH larger sensor, a dSLR should always be able to get the same result or better with faster shutter speed? Is it a wrong expectation, or it's just me who didn't know how to use dSLR?