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Thread: Need advice on extended warranty issue.

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    Default Need advice on extended warranty issue.

    Need advice from the legal birds here.

    I bought an acer laptop from Harvey Norman in March 2007, within the first month of purchase in March 2007, the laptop already started showing malfunctions in the form of it's speaker breaking down. 11 other servicing have taken place since then till the most recent incident on the 12th of December 2008. From the period of August to December 2008, the Laptop has undergone 3 lcd changes and 4 motherboard changes. Basically the laptop underwent a total motherboard failure.

    Acer basically does not know what caused the failure and hence all they can do is to keep replacing the motherboard which they have informed me are actually refurbished boards (2nd hand faulty boards that have been repaired).

    As my extended warranty is now under Harvey Norman's care, I have been trying to tell them that I have an dud set. I mean which set undergoes so many repairs? I dont run 3D software, I seldom play games and all I use the laptop for is to surf the net and do office work. So there is no reason why the laptop should undergo total failure so often.

    However the lady manning the Harvey Norman extended warranty department keeps telling me that everything must go through proper procedure and as the warranty is a repair warranty, I quote her "Acer say can repair then repair lor!" So she is refusing to listen to my pleas to even look at the case on a case to case basis and to realize that even a layman can tell my set is a dud set. It is just the usual "everything must go through proper procedure, your laptop still can be repaired mah" I told her it cannot be that I buy a laptop that has to go into the workshop every few months? And she tells me "This kind of thing, cannot say cannot one" And she told me that my reasonings of wasting my time going to the service center so often and my time spent there is not valid and not part of contract.
    So in short she doesn't care how many times the laptop has to be repaired. As long as it can be repaired, she will not entertain me even if the repairs are once every month. Even the acer tech shook his head when he saw the reports and said as the warranty is now under Harvey Norman, there is nothing they can do but they would imagine I should get a exchange by now as this set is really faulty in some way. Presently Harvey Norman lady is saying that she is in discussion with Acer to replace me a set but what was offered was an Extensa series and not the Aspire series I bought. The Aspire series is a multimedia series with upgradeable ram while Extensa is a basic business series with no upgradable ram. She is pushing me to accept the deal and when I pointed out that it is not the same series and different functions, she is saying that the basic specs are the same. The worse thing is she actually keeps saying it is a generous offer and that I should accept it. Also that I should be "lucky" I bought the warranty! Yeah right for so much pain, I rather I dont have the warranty and you give me a trouble free set.

    In frustrations, I have written letters to the MD of Acer and Harvey Norman to try to sort this nightmare out but no response from them. Anyone can advise what I should do?
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