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Thread: Advice for K10D new user

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    I just bought a 2nd Pentax K10D with Kit lens.
    Any advice to optimize the camera for good picture?

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    Default Re: Advice for K10D new user

    1) Post in Pentax Thread and you will get more response...
    2) Shoot in Bright for Jpeg or Raw...
    3) Join our outing and you will know more...
    4) Shoot more and share ur pics...
    5) Lastly welcome to the family...
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    The K10D is a very good cam which can produce nice pictures when used correctly. To get good pictures, you have to train yourself and not optimize the cam as the cam is only the tool to help you to take the picture, it's the person behind the cam that decides what to take and how to take it.

    Better to familiarize yourself with the cam & join in outings to get more exposures.
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    Shoot more and learn about the camera. If you shoot in jpeg, don't like the output from default settings, the camera allow you to fine tune to your likings.


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