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Thread: DK-17M magnifier on D70?

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    Default DK-17M magnifier on D70?

    Hi all

    I'd like to have a bigger viewfinder for my D70 and am looking into this option. However the only way to attach it seems to be by using a DK-22 adapter mount and sanding the thread off. Has anyone found any other way to mount it?

    Anyway I haven't been able to check prices at the shops here as I'm a bit busy these days. Does anyone know the price range of the DK-17M and DK-22 adaptor?

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    Default Re: DK-17M magnifier on D70?

    there is a DK21M that can fit directly

    or google it

    i have been using it on my D70 and now D80

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    Default Re: DK-17M magnifier on D70?

    Yes, would prefer the DK-17M as I don't want to adjust the diopter.


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