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Thread: B&H trustable?

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    Default B&H trustable?

    Has any1 bought lenses/cam frm B&H b4?
    Is it trustable? is the handling gd?
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    Yup quite trustable. I only had one hiccup with them when I ordered something they later declared as backordered. It then became frustrating waiting for updates and reminding them to update me. However, for instock items, everything went well.

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    Heard from some of the US guys that you have to beware of their "sales items".

    Some of them received old stock, some of them received badly handled items with knocks and dents on the product. One guy i know of claimed his SB-800 flash unit on offer had looked like it was "ran over by a tractor". Box was in very bad condition with the flash unit inside smashed up. Had to send it back to them for which he received refund, but did not have his shipping fees reimbursed.

    Other than that, haven't heard much.

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    B&H is one of the biggest (could be THE biggest) source for pro photog in states. My experience with them has been superb. One of our freelance photographers, has purchased over $30K of stuff from them too. Recently, he got a set of Bowens lighting, they sent the wrong power cable (voltage US vs Asia), I think they correnponded with suppliers in US and overseas to get the new cable sent to him the soonest possible. They even buzzed him from US upon receiving his email.

    I got my 50 and 70-200 from them when USD was weak early this year. They even refunded me about $30 instantly from shipping cost as they could fit both lenses onto a smaller box - that was without any request from me.

    Thumbs up from B&H.

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    bought used lens from them before without problem.
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    No problems from me. For first-time purchase, they'll need you to do a verification of your credit card details before they will process the order.

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    yes BH is trustable, very reliable in my opinion. ordered a few items from them. but of course adorama's the other competitor both are pretty decent
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