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Thread: How to use Suntax 928AFC ext flash? Need help...

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    Default How to use Suntax 928AFC ext flash? Need help...

    Hi, need help on how to use the flash with my G1 as I'm getting confused abt the controls.

    This is what I know now:
    T S W1 W2 is set according to my camera's focal length
    I need also to set the ISO my camera is at.
    Below the ISO control is the Distance control.
    Am I right to say that depending on my subject distance, I would need to set the aperture accordingly, stated at the ISO control.

    What I dun understand is how ttl comes into play since I'm setting all the controls manually.

    The flash did not come with a manual n too lazy to go down to get it from the shop.

    Below is the link to the model

    Hope someone with the flash can help. Thanks for any advice

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    Hi again... Found a good read
    Please add more if u have more good advice. Thanks

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    don't think the TTL will work with your camera. you need want that does Canon's special type of TTL called E-TTL.
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    I just bought a 928AF(Minolta model) too!

    A bit confused with the manual settings at the back and the instructions on the manual are not written in really 'good' english...

    Anyone can help?
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