Hi all,
Need some opinions. Hv a budget of about 2k to get a new lens.

Looking at wide angle lens and considering 16-35 II L, efs 10-22 and efs 17-55 f2.8. Using 50D, no intentions of moving to FF soon. Tried 10-22 and didnt like the plasticky feel, altho its wideness and sharpness are good. Tried 17-55 and didnt like the built at all (zoom ring auto falls when faced downwards, MF is at the rear, IS prone to fail and dread the hassle). Tried 16-35, like it for colour, built but the range is limited, not too good for walkabouts, plus it is ex. (Can buy a lens + flash!) Feel 17-40 lack one stop, bokeh.

how now brown cow?