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Thread: External storage options?

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    Default External storage options?

    now i am looking at 3 units of 2tb configurations which i wanna run RAID 1

    d link DNS-323 > 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure

    My Book® World Edition™ II
    Network Storage with Remote Access

    My Book® Studio Edition™ II
    Dual-Drive Storage System with RAID

    to get NAS or external version?
    is gigabit vs usb/fw400 much slower?

    raid 5 is currently too much $$ for me still so the dlink 343 n drobo is out of the selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurker View Post
    to get NAS or external version?
    is gigabit vs usb/fw400 much slower?
    Can help answer this section.

    NAS is good if you have multiple users/computers which want to access your data. Since it's on the network, you don't need to have a computer constantly switched on. To take full advantage of its gigabit capabilities, you'll need to have a gigabit network backbone - switches, routers, NIC should all be gigabit enabled. Otherwise you'll only stuck at 100 Mbps.

    USB 2.0 full-speed runs at 480 Mbps, even faster than FW400 (but more CPU intensive). But Gigabit Ethernet has a raw throughput of 1,000 Mbps (on a Gbit network). Then again, the actual transfer speed depends on a lot of other factors like supported hardware and network traffic.

    Which one? In short, if you're not concerned about having network access, then the USB/FW version will do since it's cheaper (save money for more lenses!). If you're going for the NAS version, make sure your network can take full advantage of the speed.


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