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Thread: 10 Steps to Whiter Teeth

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    Default 10 Steps to Whiter Teeth

    by David Tong

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    No, Iím not selling you a toothpaste nor am I a dentist. Not a lot of us live in Hollywood so we probably wonít have magazine worthy pearly-whites. Vanna White-like teeth may be pleasing to look at in glossy ads and magazine spreads, but theyíre usually not very natural when implemented on regular folks like us. So when you post-process casual portraits, itís best not to over whiten your subjects teeth, in my opinion.

    Hereís a simple technique to whiten teeth without the ultra-white Hollywood result in Photoshop.

    read the tutorial here

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    Default Re: 10 Steps to Whiter Teeth

    Thanks for sharing. After correcting, the teeth looks naturally whiter,not over polished.
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    Default Re: 10 Steps to Whiter Teeth

    Thanks for the sharing. I always thought PS is very completed to use, may be it's time for me to change my mind set.


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