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    Hello everyone! I'm still learning about food photography and here's another of my try.

    I would like to get feedback on composition and focusing and how to better improve this picture.

    I took this picture using Fujifilm F50fd, auto and macro mode.

    Hope to hear some suggestions!
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    Your last post was only 6 days ago... Wonder if that'll squeak by the "1 post per week" rule...

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    besides the juicy appearance of the satay meat, nothing else about this photo is impressive. There are a number of distracting elements in the photo, which your thin depth-of-field does not hide.
    1) there's a finger at the 2 o'clock position.
    2) something white at the 12 o'clock position has 'merged' with the ketupat
    3) position of the sauce bowl (looks empty) is poor.
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    The composition here isn't nice. Doesn't whet my appetite.
    But then again, if I'm not mistaken, food photography is not easy.

    IMO there are too many elements in this image taking the attention off from the subject, which is your Satay.

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    I agree with Pyeel food photography is not easy.

    For this picture
    1. The sauce bowl to be remove off, if your focus is on the satay plate.
    2. Those onions/cucumbers/satays can be rearrange to place them nicely on the plate.
    3. Satay types can be also rearrange into chicken or beef etc in sections together.
    4. Make sure no other obstructions are in the picture like extra unwanted things inside the picture.
    5. The dripping of oil onto the plate probably can clean up to make it more clean.
    6. Focusing is ok as can see the focus is at the satays.

    Hope to see more of your food pics soon.
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    Well, I'd definitely choose this over sambal rice anytime. It looks more appetizing but I can see you haven't controlled the shooting at all. That's a snapshot. You won't get better by shooting snapshots. Until you make the effort to control your shooting, what's the point of asking how to improve. I've spent quite a bit of time pondering what to write, at first I was writing in direct response to the above image, but I'd just be repeating the same points from your previous thread.

    Plan your concept first, prepare it, then shoot it. No more snapshots please!

    Example how Mark Floro lights his food. Post #24
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    I think your satay look delicious. Nice take

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    Might want to give it more space around the satays? It's a little too overwhelming.
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    Post your original uncrop and let us see again. Unless you took this with a olympus...

    Background filler items such as saurce bowl or other food can be included as well, as long as you properly seperate them out using DOF control. You should have foward focus alittle more(unless this is a crop image).

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    I think this shot is really nice, good highlight (to show the juicy meat) and shadow (those underneath are not too dark).

    For the background distraction, I am sure you can do better next time. However, for rearranging the food presentation, I think you can only do very little, unless you really go ask for another plate and started doing it, if not I don't think you can wipe off the oil on a foam plate without stain...

    Since you are shooting on site (like food blog), I think you don't need to deliberately "Beautify" to much, just make it neat will do. Showing the "Blog" pic has to be be close to reality to have a feel of the real style. If not you have to bring your own Porcelain plate to shoot.

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    Its a nice shot but the main focus on the satay meat at bottom is big and the top is skinny. Prob adjust the angle or the satay..
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    Erm, i'm no pro la, so my standard very low one...

    Haha, anyway, at first looks, the satay looks very juicy, but the last stick towards the right, is very distracting, looks like last minute before u took the shot, u found another stick of mutton satay, then you just anyhow find one slot to put it in, coz its like seperated from the rest of the mutton satays.

    Another thing is that the three pools of oil at the bottom of your satay puts me off. It will make me feel very guilty if i were to eat it. Like that i cannot enjoy my satay in peace...

    Ok, this last point is my own preference, Maybe you can try to shoot one type of satay only?? preferbly the chicken one, coz personally i felt that the chicken satays got a nicer colour to it....

    Anyway, OT abit, where is the satay from?? looks not too bad leh....
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