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    I like the first photo, its slightly over exposed on its surface but I like the reflection.

    What did you use, a highly polished table? Or a mirror within a black box?
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    makes me soo wanna eat sstrawberry

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    Nice lighting of the strawberries!
    But the strawberries look out of focus to me. I think you can use a smaller aperture to focus the two strawberries on the first picture? The second one wasn't focus at all.

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    Absolutely beautiful !!! Loves the reflections .. !!
    Only thing for me if I were to shot is not to have the strawberry on the first pic to be so upright and straight. It looks abit ..errmm ... too serious for me. Maybe have it tilt alittle it would have been perfect for me .. =)

    Neverthelss still love them =)


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