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Thread: Busy and hot day of work

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    It's only early in the morning but the workers are already busy with their jobs. Under the hot sun, they still strive to accomplish their tasks.
    Lives of construction workers..

    C&C on the composition, exposure n contents =) thanks

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    nothing to take note eyes wander around...cant find something to keep my eyes looking on..definately need a tighter crop of perhaps just 1 worker doing work, maybe another angle showing the sun could be good too(harder to achieve).

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    Your subjects are unfortunately too small to get any attention. And as a matter of fact, the composition here is not worth mentioning.

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    this picture doesn't really show the lives of the construction workers. i might be wrong, but i only see 4 workers in such a wide picture.

    image is slightly blurred and tilted as well. the tilt is quite obvious.
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    The picture itself does not show the subject you suggested... Furthermore the picture itself doesn't bring anything or subject to attention. Perhaps you should try to frame tighter and try to isolate the main theme from the other distractions.
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    thanks for the comments. point taken note. Probably theres too much stuff in e pic. Will rmb tt =)

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    Well.... it's not there's nothing good about it. Reason for the irregular crop is the lines & shapes you've noticed? Disregarding your title and writeup, I like how you caught the centre worker mid-stride, gives him a toy like quality. Sometimes there's order in disorder, it's not well captured here but I think you might have got a sense of it.

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    It's a nice snapshot of the construction scene but there is no real focus so it tends to be rather "story less".

    In terms of composition, its lacking a focus, in terms of exposure it might be slightly overexposed on the surfaces that are painted white particularly on the right.

    It looks almost like a building I have been watching being built along Arthur Rd? Though the green on the top left says not.
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    Why is the ratio closer to 16:9 than 3:2? Is this a screen cap from a motion picture?

    The man at the center of the image is interesting, you should have just focus on him and get a better picture instead. Including more things does not make your photo look "busy". It is a mess.

    It would be different if your photo includes another 20 more workers doing different things spreading evenly around the frame.

    1/10, 1 mark for the center worker and the trees around him.
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    1stly, thank u guys for the advices!

    i agree that there wasnt much focus. probably the pic is too messy. But initially my point of focus was on the centre worker. i was hoping that with the messy surroundings, the center portion which is more clear can draw more focus. Seems not to work.

    I tried to crop it further with ur advices. but i cant seem to find any good composition to crop. I'll be cutting up the trees or buildings if i have to crop. Then it will seem like i'm losing some stuff. Do you guys have any suggestions on the crop?

    kritiko, the pic had a bigger top portion before this. However, i think it draws away more attention from the worker. That's y i cropped it off. I'm not sure if this kinda random cropping is 'legal'. Or is there any fixed ratio photographers have to crop?

    aselley. yes its along arthur road. haha. great observation


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