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Thread: SIGMA SD9 @ 1800... good deal?

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    thanks all for pointing out the caveats to buying the SD9...

    u guys are right in the fact that investing in a sigma mount may not be wise....

    FPS i think 2 vs 3 is no big deal for me... main thing is that single shot to single shot must be at least quite fast. (0.5 sec for sd9 is ok)

    and buffer must be quite ok.. 6 frames is still ok... 300D's 4 isnt..

    agreed low light is bad, but i rarely shoot in low light anyway, when i do, a bounce flash is all i need... i've been using a g5 for long time, and if there's anything lousy at low light, its prosumer digis.

    i'll def take a look at one of the retailers to confirm my purchase...

    thanks for the advice! will let u all noe IF and WHEN i get it..



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    Default he has fallen in love with sd9

    personaly i think i will do the same.

    way to go... take a different route...

    i will get one too but now save money first

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    Sigma office is at Level 7 e-centre@redhill, Jalan Bukit Merah. That's just above my work place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerstorer
    The main concerns with the Sigma are:

    1)Limited max ISO of 400: Other DSLRs offer up to 1600/3200. A world of a difference if you need to shoot ambient light events or sports.

    2)Highlight blowout and other image quirks mentioned in DPreviews's review.

    3)FLM of 1.7(not for wide angle fans, but tele/nature freaks might like this)

    4)Limited to Sigma lenses.(Nikon/Canon users can choose from at least 4 manufacturers each)

    5)Low burst rate(not an issue for casual user)

    To sum it up, its key weakness is versatility, it's not a camera for all occasions, being more suited for just casual photography.
    Which is why it also has a casual budget??
    I'll wait for Minolta..... kekeke......

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    I know a guy that uses SD-9, with the new firmware and software the long exposure is not bad at all!

    Check out these SD-9 shots by Faust Peng:

    Do take note that all shots taken will be in RAW format.

    Hi mode, ~= 8MB X3F RAW, which will convert to 40MB 8-bit JPG on computer
    Med mode, ~= 4MB X3F RAW, which will convert to 20MB 8-bit JPG on computer
    Low mode, ~= 2MB X3F RAW, which will convert to 10MB 8-bit JPG on computer

    12-bit TIFF will be double the size of 8-bit JPG

    Why so huge? Something to do with this.

    Photodetectors:10.3 million (2268 x 1512 x 3)
    Analog to digital converter:12-bits per photo detector (36 bits per pixel location)
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    Stunning colours.

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