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    i noticed bluish cast all over the white clothings on my photos. the result is very obvious when i printed it out. It is as if my printer is leaking blue. Anyone know the reason for these blue cast?

    And any tool in PS can remove them?

    Thanks You
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    You want to send me one of those pix? Then can tell if its your printer or your pix.

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    Posting it somewhere so we can see. Then maybe give you intelligent guesses as to why they were blue.


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    Is there something wrong with my camera?

    And i really need to know how to edit them


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    Some of the EXIF data of the last shot.

    Camera = Canon Powershot G5
    Aperature = f/5
    Shutter = 1/251
    Metering = Pattern
    Color Representation = sRGB

    Seems like a white balance problem. (just guessing)

    Can go to the Photoshop 7.0, Image->Adjustments->Color Balance

    Reduce the 'Blue' to about '-50', the color will be closer to white.

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    could it also be due to the sun?
    i think my WB was auto

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    Winston, i tried wad u say, but it doesnt help at all
    it made the photo yellowish but the blue still stays

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    If you shot all these in the shade, that is, the subject is in the shade, with the blue sky out you will get bluish shadows.

    This is where skylight 1B or UV filter becomes useful, even if you use digital; reducing the blueness.

    Hope this helps.


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