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Thread: Anyone using Electra Classic 250i ??

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    Default Anyone using Electra Classic 250i ??

    Hi guys,

    Just checking, is anyone here using the above studio flash? It is selling at Ruby's for $320 each.

    I m looking for studio flash and these by far is the most affordable. Is these reliable? Any flaws I should consider?


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    i've been using one for almost 2 yrs liao,no problem at all.i added a bowen esprit 500w strobe when another strobe(a courtenay) died after 15yrs in service.
    the fuse in the bowen *short* after 3 weeks nia,have to buy 5 spares from ruby,now on my 3rd fuse..
    the electra is way better than the bowen IMHO,no problems at all.But the build quality not as solid as bowen la..would advise u to shoot without the modelling bulb on though,coz very plasticky,might not be good to keep on heating it with the bulb.

    Best buy !


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