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Thread: WTB : New Rubik's cube

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    Default WTB : New Rubik's cube

    Anyone knows where to buy one of these? I was pretty young when the craze came about, and I saw those kids solve it in less than a minute on those chinese variety programs. Just drew up a list of things I would like to do before I kick the bucket, and mastering the rubik's cube happens to be one of them.

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    when i was young and had one of these, i got so frustrated that i peeled off the stickers and re-pasted them in the right order...

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    I bought mine a few year ago at one of those hdb voiddeck shops. Made in Taiwan at $3. So just look around.

    Alternatively, go to ebay if you have excess $$.

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    Try poking around those cheap toy shops in the Bugis area which import stuff from China.


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