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Thread: Looking for Guitar Mentor

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    Then how you play 30%? Based on seeing vidoe and pausing frame by frame?

    Can die man.

    Buy the DVD got include the score meh?

    I've never seen tabs for solo guitar pieces before - only scores. :

    Quote Originally Posted by psychobiologist View Post
    i've been trying to get the score or tab of it to no avail have to buy edgar decruz's DVD for it -_-~

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    Default Re: Looking for Guitar Mentor

    Would recommend acoustic for people who want to sing and play along. They have thinner necks (although the steel strings might feel uncomfy at first) and sound more lively - good for singing with.

    Also finger stretching exercises are good for warm-up if you're just starting to learn. Most new learners tend to get cramps after practicing chords for awhile.

    And do trim your fingernails on the left hand

    A meet-up session sounds good too.. Can have impromptu jamming. Lol.

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    Hi there,

    if you're looking to learn playing the guitar, I'd strongly suggest getting a proper teacher rather than self-learning. It is better to correct mistakes earlier on rather than to rectify later. Which would be much more tedious.

    It is common to find your hands extremely strain if you are new since the muscles are not developed or used to those movements. But you'll get better. Doing warm-up exercises will help tremendously.

    If there is a significant distance between the strings and the fretboard (2mm), the action might be too high. You should send it for a setup which can go for $40 - $150 depending on the luthier.

    However, if you notice that the belly (top of the guitar) is "bloated" meaning not flush flat or almost flushed then you should note that you might have a humidity problem. You can attempt to dehumidify it but if it's too severe, you can consider the guitar a write-off and buy a new one. This is very common if you are living near the coast. Buying a tight good quality hardcase can help prevent this and you can use dehumidifying agent as well.

    Don't make the mistake of paying too much for your first or second acoustic but don't scrimp on it either. The cheap ones tend to be poorly made. The expensive ones are nice but as you progress you might have a different tone and guitar in mind which would work better for you.
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