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Thread: Newbie with Nikon D90

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    Quote Originally Posted by antimony60 View Post
    Bro, you're cute ... getting the D90 showns that you already have a certain standard in photography thus saying that you're a NEWBIE is definitely a understatement. Anyway, have fun clicking.
    you sound like a troll to me. Amusing...

    Anyway, to TS, imho, bring both lenses Since your new to photography, it'll be good for you get the feel of the two lenses (plus, allow you to practice rapid lens changing! )

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    hi ahkit

    i am new here, bought a d90 too but with a 18 - 105mm lens instead. If you're going for an overseas shoot, chances are you might need to cover more scenic shots, therefore a wider angle lens will utilised more often, looks like you got to bring 2 lenses. You did your posted images with your 18 - 55mm lens?

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    Arrow Re: Newbie with Nikon D90

    There'll always be people suggesting to bring both lenses.

    However, they never mention the need to bring sensor cleaning equipments as there is a higher risk of getting dirt on the sensor while changing lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahkit View Post
    Yo... Thanks for the replies and advices... Will try to take more photo in vietnam and post it up... anyway... here's a few shots I took at the marina barrage... Cloudy/rainy day... cant really get much shots...

    1st attempt on HDR photo

    btw.. I'm really a newbie... always been interested in photography but couldn't afford to get a camera till now... and decided to get a better entry class camera (D90)... haha...
    the rest going a bit OT ah.

    shots are pretty not bad.. but the colour balance seems to be a little off. at least to me.. hmmm

    anyway for your trip to Vietnam, just bring both lenses. the 55-200 is not very heavy, it wun be too cumbersome. juz get a nice Lowepro lens case that fits it, and wear it on your belt. then you can have rapid access to it constantly, when you need to change. at least thats how i will do it.

    D90 is one of the better ones already. right now before you leave, familiarise yourself with the camera by clicking more first! then you will be able to know the performance and utilise it better overseas. you got only 1 chance to get the pictures in vietnam. after that u r coming back to singapore...
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    Yup... Thanks for the many advices... Will be bring both lenses...

    nuegear - Yup... those pics are taken with the 18-55mm lens...

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    Cool ! Definitely a good camera ! One of my frens just got the D90 + 18-105mm VR kit....

    I am salivating like mad lor.... now I read ur thread. Sheesh...... Looooooooooon ! Hahaha.....

    Anyways, I think watever the lenses, just make do first and then when you do get into a mode, you'd know what you prefer. Frankly, I think lens choices are kind of personal, and you do get use to your gear. What's more important is to shoot more, learn more and brush up on the skills.

    Have fun shooting ya !
    Snap ?

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    Yah, bring both. Try to anticipate what will happen next so that you can mount the correct lens on. But usually the 18-55 would be on the camera most of the times.

    BTW if its a family vacation, just take the 18-55 and enjoy with your family while snapping shots to remember what happened.

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    ok... Thanks for the advice. Will be going next week to Halong Bay.. Will try to snap till my 8GB card is full and post some nice pics for comments. Thanks...

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