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Thread: Effects of a 4x Close-up filter

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    Default Effects of a 4x Close-up filter

    Can someone post some photos to show the effects of a 4x closeup filter please?

    How many x (times) is Canon 250D?

    Besides the Canon 250D, can Canon A20 take other 3rd party close-up filters like Hoya?

    Will the effects be the same? ie using 250D and Hoya 4x ?


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    I think you are refering to HOYA closeup +4 filter

    to know more about closeup lens/filters , click here
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Thanks for the link Megaweb. If I rem correctly, you use the 250D for your Pro90IS rite? I was wondering if you can help me take 2 pictures, one without 250D and one with? Like to see the difference.

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    Photos?? Some examples anyone?


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