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    Anyone know if there are racks for mounting tripods onto a bicycle frame?

    I want to take my 190cxpro3 out when i'm cycling - i have a camera bag already but wouldn't mind mounting the tripod where the water bottle rack normally is..

    aside from tying it on with a piece of string, any ideas?

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    I DIY a sling for my tripod using the strap from a bag.
    Just sling it over your head/shoulder.

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    Use a heavy duty velco to fasten it on the main frame of your bike and you're good to go! Been there, done that, proven workable!
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    Default Re: Tripods on bicycle frame

    Ditto the velcro idea...
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    I've actually cycled with my tripod twice on my road bike.

    I just rest the tripod (which is in the tripod bag) on the bike's top tube. I used the tripod bag's sling to sling it over the bike's handle bar and the seat.

    It was quite secure although a little uncomfortable as one of my legs have to "open" bigger to peddle


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