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Thread: Speedlight keeps flashing

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    Default Speedlight keeps flashing

    Hi all...

    Help needed here. My SB-600 speedlight keeps flashing even when its off. And when i took out the batteries it was very hot, even when i have only used it for a few minutes.

    Advice and help needed.

    Thank you !!!

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    Default Re: Speedlight keeps flashing

    The batteries are very hot because it's over-used. I have no idea why it keeps flashing. But, take out all batteries immediately and bring to Nikon.

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    Ya..i tink needs to bring to Nikon,but its Saturday today. Dunno whether open or not.

    Btw..i just bought the batteries and it just keeps flashing when i put in the batts.

    And now..when i on it,the ready icon has no light on it. Haiyooohhh..die lah like that.

    Anyway..thanx for replying.

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    Any chance the flash button behind is stuck?

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    you got a faulty flash. time for NSC.
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    Thank you all for your reply.

    I think its my flash's "time" already.

    Thanx again !!!


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