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Thread: D90 flash settings

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    Default D90 flash settings

    I'm a noob
    so far been taking shots but in particularly, i have not had a flash unit yet so just use the built in flash.

    i read the manual and cant find any on the things i wanted.
    basically 2 things
    1) when holding down e release with flash pop up, there is this indicator, very bright. is there any way i adjust it cos of this issue which is #2

    2) the flash will take few secs before it shoots off. the pre-flash indicator lit up and will make my object (human) blind.. and turned away before the light shoots

    i try to play around with the speed but do not seems to have any effect

    can someone enlighten me?

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    Default Re: D90 flash settings

    Hi noob ,

    Manual, Flash Mode, pg 71-72 should answer you

    Think you set Red-Eye reduction on, usually most ppl leave it off

    Cheers ,
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    Default Re: D90 flash settings

    hmm.. ok so that's the red eye reduction lamp.. ok.


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