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    Hi, just curious about warranty for buying lense.

    Did some enquiry on lense and understand that there no free meal. Those cheaper ones offer no agent warranty except shop warranty. Their price is good, and some don't mind to get it with that in consideration.

    I am thinking of buying a lense (cost about 1.5-2k) with just the shop warranty to consider some savings by a reputable and been around for some time shop.

    Appreciate if anyone could share some advice or experience in this.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Which shop are you looking to get the lens from? Perhaps other CSers can provide some comments on their experience with the shop. If you are comfortable with getting gray set, you will be able to save some money but at the end of the day, it is how comfortable you are with the shop providing that one-year warranty and service should something goes wrong.

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    Thanks for your responce.

    Not so nice to mention name, but the one at Penisular area, next to Funan Centre. Very long time player in the second hand cam/lense...not the new ones.

    Hope can get the hint.


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