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Thread: Diehard Nikon fans, do you wear Nikon glasses?

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    Woah! Really!
    Anyway, anyone interested?
    I make 1 pair, you make one pair?
    Then we share the cost or something together....

    Anyway, Azure, care to share more?

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    It all start because the rain.... slipped, fell and broke my old pair, so no choice had to make new pair, lor. $330 still hurts, y'know...

    Its the shop on the ground floor opp the KFC (facing escalator to Cold Storage). Look for May. Look at chio bu helps to test the built-in USM...

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    now I know Azure's secret to taking good pictures!

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    I don't like glass lenses, since the weight can really spoil my day.

    $200 for the lens is quite ok, I think there was a period when plastic lenses cost $600.

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