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Thread: 7th November; Sunday: Studio Shoot! (CLICK HERE)

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    Default 7th November; Sunday: Studio Shoot! (CLICK HERE)

    In the Studio with Sally in her Lingerie

    Date: 7th December, Sunday

    1400hours - 1630 hours

    Duration: 2hours 30mins
    (30 mins changing time)

    Location: Indoors. Will be revealed to paid participants.

    No. of Models:

    Ratio of Photographers to Model:
    6:1 (Shooting in Pairs)

    Outfit: 1 set of Fashion & 1 set of Lingerie

    ONLY $75


    How to register?
    PM me!
    SMS me @ 81331770
    Email to:

    Please include:

    Name (Optional)
    Nickname (Clubsnapper?)
    Contact number
    Alias you want to be listed as in the slots list

    Model for the Day!

    The lovely SALLY

    *Don't miss our Early bird special: Only $70 for the first 2 photographers who sign up!!*

    Credits to Sally for Photographs!

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    Default Re: 7th November; Sunday: Studio Shoot! (CLICK HERE)



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