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    Picture was taken with 450D Tv Priority at 1/80
    With external Flash 580EXII Focal length at 24mm and ISO 400.

    I would like to sought critique on mainly the composition and the quality of the shot taken.

    My aim of this piece is to show the joy the boy expresses and the fun he is having irregardless of where he is.
    The picture was taken for this very purpose.

    I personally love the expression, i think it is priceless. The background, I feel could be distracting for some people, but I thought it work for this pictures.

    I would love to hear your comments so I can learn more about compositions.
    Thank You!

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    the pattern on the bed is really distracting.

    i would have taken a low angle here to minimise the clutter

    it is a good moment, it is a good expression, but that's all there is.

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    I guess it was a really impromtu shot, so can't do much about the background, but noted on trying more angles and different angles of shoot =)


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