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Thread: Photographers Fall IN!

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    I have just recently seen ppl with fine DSLR but producing sub-par pictures...

    So I do agree that its more of the person behind the camera that gets good pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurus
    Hmm, am I too young to get a camera that expensive?

    i don't think so you are only 1 yr younger than mi i don't see that much of a age difference.
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    Ok! Thanks guys! You guys gave me the confidence!

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    Try getting a second hand Fuji 602z. Can last you for quite some time...

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    I think...:
    1) Borrow camera
    2) Try photography
    3) If like, try some more
    4) Really like, Get a compact digital play.
    5) Cannot stop? CONTINUE!!!!!!!
    6) After that, you will know what to do on your own and make own decision.

    Now i still in step 3. Using my brother's Nikon CP 885. $600.

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    Well.... personally, If you can afford it... why not? You are not the only one. When I started photography, I decided on a camera with enough manual function for me to learn and fool around, a camera that I will not out grow quickly. I bought a Minolta Dimage 5... I think at over $1300 when I'm 19. But I'm still using it now, there's still plenty of lessons for me to learn from my camera....

    Now, a working adult, not as free as I was when I was a student...

    My opinion... If u think U'll pick up photography as a serious hobby, I don't think anyone will stop you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YSLee
    Reaching another level of photography lies with your mind, not with a piece of equipment.
    Absolutely agree.

    If you are as young as SianzRong says, $$$ is better spent on examples of good photography. At least it MAY broaden the mind and give you an insight into other good pictures and shooters' perspectives. Otherwise, its a bloody waste of $$$.

    YSLee has a very valid, albeit not-very-nice-tasting point. Then again, so's reality.

    Take what kliff has proffered - no point splurging on that DSLR and getting sub-standard shots. Something is wrong - the basics are not there. Game over.

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